Thursday, June 21, 2007

DA Employee Charged With Selling Victim Info

As a follow up to my post DA employee accused of selling sensitive information official charges have been filed in the case and the allegations are more disturbing than the initial report.

Kesha S. Green, 33, worked as a victim/witness advocate. Police received a tip that Green was providing information to criminals and an undercover sheriff's deputy called her at work, requesting information about a witness in a homicide trial.

Police said Green gave the undercover deputy information, including names, addresses and telephone numbers, about not only that witness but also about people involved in an armed robbery trial.

The undercover deputy told the woman that the information would be used to ensure that the witness would no longer cooperate.

The woman claims that she gave the information because she felt threatened and even if that is true she should understand enough about the criminal justice system to know that giving in to that threat would put people's lives at risk.

She had the choice to report the first requests for information along with the threats (direct or implied) so she could remain safe and so those interested in witness tampering could be caught.


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