Saturday, June 30, 2007

Gang Rape Case Highlights How Consent Turns To Rape

This case where 6 men are on trial for participating in an alleged gang rape of a 16 year old in the UK shows that initial and limited consent should never be seen as proof that no rape occurred.

Prosecutor Amjad Malik told the court on Wednesday the girl sent a number of text messages before she reported the attack to police on Sunday, August 13, last year. He also read a message that she had sent to Luke Morten, of Devonshire Green, Farnham Royal, accused of aiding and abetting rape, who the jury was told she had consensual sex with before the others barged in.

It read: “You had me fooled. I didn't think you were like that. We were sh**ging, which we were both enjoying, then you let me loose like a slag, which I ain’t. You let all your w****r mates have a go.”

Half of the men are charged with rape and the other 3 are charged with aiding and abetting rape. If a girl is being held down while others watch the door, nobody there is assuming that what is happening is consensual.

The question seems to be whether a jury will see the girl's initial consent as being irrevocable and transferable.

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