Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Inside The Twisted Thinking Of A Murderer

The defendant who shot and killed his ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend testified in his murder trial on Tuesday.

[Steve] Van Keuren claimed that [shooting victim Teri] Lee told him he would never have kids and that's what prompted him shoot her.

This thinking in no way makes this man insane, but it does show how unbalanced the stimulus and response are in him especially when this is what he says when he is trying to defend his actions. You insult me after (or before) I break into your house, so of course I murder you and your new boyfriend and leave your four children orphans.

It also shows that this man was a danger to other people since the underlying problem isn't in the relationship that ended but in this man's thought processes and what he views as an appropriate response to hurt or humiliation.

Thankfully, earlier today the jury convicted him on 2 counts of first degree murder.

We see this imbalance between stimulus and response most obviously in road rage crimes. You wouldn't move into the other lane so I rammed you with my car sending you and all your passengers into the ditch. Thanks to me, next time you'll treat all other drivers with respect.

We need to stop this twisted thinking when it first pops up around us or inside of us so it has less chance of taking root and leading people who think of themselves of as law abiding into rationalizing away horrific acts of violence.


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