Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Man Who Pretended To Be Astronaut Convicted On 2 Counts

The trial I blogged about in my post Defense Attorney Exploits Bigotry To Counter Rape Charges is over and the jury in Pennsylvania convicted the defendant, Jeffrey J. Marsalis, who lied about his profession to women he met through an online dating service on 2 counts of sexual assault. They acquitted him on 8 rape counts and on the charge of impersonating a public servant. The jury was hung on one rape charge.

Mr. Marsalis faces another rape charge in Idaho and was acquitted of separate rape charges in 2006.

This case shows how difficult it is to convince a jury that a rape occurred through incapacitation even when the defendant exhibits a pattern of behavior.

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At June 14, 2007 11:04 AM, Blogger Seeing Eye Chick said...

A serial rapist? Hmmm how many women does he have to rape before people get it?

From your research it appears he is well into the double digits.

8, 6 maybe more.

14 rapes that we know of. Maybe he should teach a class on how to rape people without getting caught. He can use his defense strategy as a talking point with jury selection and favored methods of impeaching a witness.

It all goes back to that idea that if a woman was drinking, she was being "Friendly," oddly enough a similar case in which male military office used roofies on other men for similar purposes was convicted and sent to jail.

I guess if you have a penis that you can be raped with roofies. If you have a vagina then not so much.

I guess men dont get sexually expressive while drinking alcohol or have their judgement impaired.

But women should know better.


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