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Mr. Inert Lover: Hates The Woman Wants The Body

Shakesville has a post about a music video called Feigning Interest which is all about a man who pretends to like a woman when the woman is sober and who fakes it in the hopes of using the detested woman's body once that detested woman gets drunk enough for the man to tolerate her and to see a chance to get his hands, and more, on and in her body.

It's the song for men who feel that the reward for pretending to like a woman's personality is "knocking it out." If she (or it) passes out then she (or it) still owes him the payoff for all that feigning of interest.

I'm sure many men laugh in recognition. Been there, done that. Never been charged or convicted. Ain't life grand except for those moments when you're waiting for the chemicals to kick in?

The end of the video is telling, "I'm just kidding ... as far as you know."

This video is a reminder that there are men who like women best when they are inert and not likely to come out of that state until long after the sex is over. If a boy or man thinks this video is funny then no first date for him. Bye-bye, Mr. Inert Lover. There are boys and men out there who would never do anything to you that you don't want, don't enjoy or don't know about.

Ditch the fakers and takers ASAP. Even if they never give into the temptation to rape, their attitudes make them lousy company. Who needs a cardboard cutout of a man who cares for you? If a man doesn't care about you before sex, he certainly won't care about you during sex.

The main character in the video seems like the kind of guy who wouldn't know what to do with a woman he liked as a person. As long as he detests who he's having sex with then it doesn't matter what she thinks of his approach to sex -- if she remembers anything at all.

This video is also a reminder that for too many men, especially those who seem normal, getting a girl or woman to a state of sustained inertness is their goal and not something that happens coincidentally.

For those who dismiss anyone who is concerned about the attitudes behind the jokes told by a "white-bread guy", you should know that the suspect in the kidnapping and murder of the 18 year old woman which began outside a Target store reportedly had a MySpace web page and his interests which include "eating small children and harming small animals."

But, hey, you are just joking when you talk, write or sing about rape. Maybe you are. But maybe the rapist laughing with you thinks you are an inspiration. Maybe he uses your words to counter the words of people like me who tell him that what he is doing is unacceptable.

Do you really want to be the wind beneath the rapist's wings?

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At June 09, 2007 8:18 AM, Blogger Seeing Eye Chick said...

I, personally would be a hypocrit if I were to condemn others for using dark humor about *forbidden subjects. So I look at these issues like this:

They are are examples. They provide me with quotes that illustrate the mindset [serious or not] behind the cultural bias I intend to discuss.

Because without these examples, I have little proof in the matter that this kind of thinking is as common as you or I know that it is. This material takes it beyond, "because I said so," and becomes the central theme.

That being said, though, as an advocate of Free Speech and as a person who has her own brand of sick humor, I would not want people making assumptions about my character based entirely on my humor.

Sometimes it is just a joke. A really bad one that doesnt deserve a laugh. That should be receive nothing more than a raised eyebrow and a sqint.

But without intellectual and literary freedom, then meaningful dialogue is difficult to establish.

Its harder for people to pretend these issues dont exist when these subjects are presented so openly and brazenly.

I intend to download the lyrics and file them away for my daughter's sex education. I have history books on sex, that show clearly, that pick up lines have not changed much in 6000 years, nor the attitudes expressed in material such as this song by Whitebread Guy.

This will be the perfect example of what many males expect when they take you out for drinks.

In addition, my reply would be: boys that prefers to have sex with innert, unresponsive women are just a half a chromosome away from being necrophiliacs.

A man on the other hand prefers an equal exchange of energies, a partner.

Thank you for posting this. It is enlightening.


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