Thursday, June 07, 2007

Opportunity Doesn't Excuse Money Crimes Why Should It Excuse Sex Crimes?

Here's a case where there was no premeditation, only a tempting opportunity yet what the person did with the opportunity is still considered a felony.

Those who excuse non-violent rapists of legal responsibility because they didn't set up a situation with the intention of committing rape and met with an opportunity because of the victim's mistake, must, if they are consistent, excuse this woman.

A local school social worker is in jail after a mistake put more than $2.5 million in her bank account, according to a criminal complaint filed in Hennepin County District Court.

Notice that this woman did nothing to bring the money within her grasp, but she's still being charged with a crime for exploiting what did not belong to her. So where are all those who say that the fault for this woman's actions belong entirely with the issuer of the check?

Where are those who say the issuer of the $2.5 million robbed itself?

Where are those who claim that this transaction was consensual and therefore this woman couldn't have committed a crime? She was given the money, she didn't take it.

Those who don't defend this woman with the fervency with which they defend alleged opportunistic rapists reveal themselves.

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