Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rape Trivialization Of The Day: Rape Of A Name

Townhall has a story The Name Of A Rape Is Also Rape which opens with this whopper:

The rape of a name can be as vicious a crime and as destructive an act as the rape of a body. Sometimes the rape of a body is worse, sometimes the rape of a name is worse. But they are both rapes. And morally likening the two is in no way meant to lessen the horror of rape; it is meant only to heighten awareness of the horror of intentionally destroying the name of an innocent person.

This absolutely trivializes real rape. It also is being applied very selectively. Only men charged with rape or other sex crimes or accused of sexual wrongdoing have their names "raped." I've had people viciously attempt to destroy my name so by this definition my name has been "raped." Same goes for all the women who were attacked on AutoAdmit.

By calling behavior which clearly isn't criminal a crime, the author of this story is making a false statement in the very foundation of his position. I would be shocked if this man called unethical but legal sexual behavior a crime - let alone a vicious crime. He would likely accuse those who did so of wrapping themselves in victimhood. Apparently, that blanket is for men only.

"Raping" of the name of the alleged victim is something many people want to do from the moment a case goes public, and the efforts some people put in to finding and then distributing the name of alleged victims show that this "raping" of the alleged victim's name is premeditated. This "raping" of the name is why most legitimate news outlets have a policy of not naming the alleged victims of sex crimes.

These name "rapists" often go beyond "raping" the alleged victim's name and "rape" her image by posting pictures of her. Some go even further and "rape" her safety by saying they would be happy if this alleged victim were physically and/or sexually harmed or giving out information which helps other people find that person.

If the alleged victim is never charged with a crime she is legally innocent (just like men accused of rape but not convicted) and if "rape" of the name is equal to real rape then these people who attack her are, according to the standards set in this story, no better than felons convicted of rape.

Many people have no trouble "raping" the name of women who have not been convicted of the crimes they are accused of. Every time someone spits out the name Tawana Brawley, they are "raping" her name by the standards used in this article to determine which men have had their names "raped."

What this catch phrase is attempting to do is artificially balance out the gender of those raped. They might as well say, "Yes, far more women are physically raped, but far more men are charged with rape and most if not all of these men become victims of the rape of their name. So overall woman and men are raped at about the same rate and about the same severity."

This article also plays fast and loose with the phrase "falsely accused of rape" since in most cases, that is a claim not a proven fact.

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At June 27, 2007 2:04 AM, Blogger Holly said...

Hi Marcella,
I seen this story, thank you for bringing awareness to this issue. Also the several other articles that have hidden agenda's with respect to rape.
Take care Holly


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