Saturday, July 07, 2007

Another Bizarre Airport Kidnapping Plot Intercepted

Last time, it was a female astronaut who seemed determined to do another person serious harm, but this time it is a male Army Major who arrived at an Minnesota airport after driving from another state (Illinois this time) with a disguise.

He was noticed by Minneapolis Saint Paul airport security because he was wearing a heavy coat in the middle of summer and reportedly said he was there to surprise some friends before he removed a wig, fake mustache and fake beard obscuring his real features.

What's scariest about the report on this situation is that after finding the man in possession of a stun gun, mace, a pocket knife and an expandable baton that airport security let him go with just a ticket for trespassing.

Hello? It's one thing to let the man go and then keep him under constant surveillance, but it's another to simply drop the man off at his hotel room and say the equivalent of, "Have a nice day!"

If they hadn't noticed him 4 hours later on airport surveillance video and found more incriminating evidence in his SUV including flexible handcuffs, he might have succeeded at what the police believe to be an attempt to kidnap his ex-girlfriend.

Since one of the items they found was a shovel, I doubt he only intended to reconnect with his ex-girlfriend. She is understandably concerned for her safety. The man is in jail on $1 million bail and if he makes bail he doesn't seem the type to abide by the conditions of his release.

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