Saturday, July 28, 2007

Anti-Rape Equal Anti-Man?

Those who say that my being anti-rape makes me anti-man are the one's who are attempting to turn all men into the same as rapists.

Rapists love to do this because most of them want to convince themselves and others that they are no worse than the average man. This hurts the men who have never and will never rape anyone and who don't approve of rape in any way. It hurts them by making people suspicious of them and it hurts them because the rapists want to instill paranoia in the non-rapist men.

"I was falsely accused and it could just as easily happen to you if you don't help me fight these nasty anti-rape activists."

This equating my opposition to rape into an opposition to men is a way to try to deny the truth of what I've experienced and the truth of what I've seen and heard during the 9 years I answered my local rape crisis line. This included going to the local hospital as survivors endured the long process of getting a rape kit done and going with people to law enforcement as they reported.

For some people who have labeled me a lesbian man hater (I'm 100% straight) they seem to do so to explain why I found what I call rape traumatic. To them if I was truly straight I would have been moaning in delight. This is the ultimate in rape denial. It makes me wonder how many male rapists try to con themselves into believing that any woman who didn't enjoy being raped by him has to be a lesbian.

To the men who insult me and say I deserve to be raped again, my opinion of you isn't based on your gender, it is based what you reveal about your character through your words.

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