Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blogathon Kickoff

The blogathon begins this morning at 8 am central time and runs 24 hours until Sunday morning at 8 am. All participating blogs will have a new post every half hour. The purpose of the blogathon is to raise money for a variety of good causes with each blog selecting one charity to support.

Since my greatest wish is that all sexual violence be eradicated by preventing offenders from making the choice to hurt someone else, I have selected to support Stop It Now!

Here's just a little information about them:

They have a helpline in the US 1-888-PREVENT (1-888-773-8368) where adults who are concerned about their own or others sexualized behavior toward children can speak confidentially.

They have publications on this complex and challenging subject.

They have community based programs which include collaborations with state child abuse prevention programs.

They take a public health approach to the problem of child sexual abuse to create the conditions where healthy behaviors can flourish.

That brings me to my theme for the blogathon which is the inspiration for my blog title: From abyss to hope. Many people are pessimistic about the problem of sexual violence or attempt to call people like me man-haters since the majority of those who commit sexual crimes are boys and men.

I'm optimistic and I like people on the whole including men. When I call people on their behavior or their attitudes in relation to sexual violence they can choose the easy response which is to quickly throw a negative label on me or they can really listen.

The positive side of people's harmful attitudes is that attitudes can be adjusted either because the individual doesn't want to contribute to this huge problem or because the individual finds little or no support from those around them for harmful attitudes like victim blaming.

Changing the way people act sexually begins with changing the way people think about sexual contact. Those who demand that we all take personal responsibility for sex must take full personal responsibility for their actions and their words related to sex and sexual violence. If they attack rape survivors they must take personal responsibility for hurting those rape survivors. They must take personal responsibility for making rapists feel like they have thousands if not millions of people who think just like them.

Disclaimer: my focus will be on the most common and most socially acceptable incidents of rape and on the structures and thought patterns which keeps so many rapists on the streets. When I talk about rape victims I will often use a feminine pronoun and when I talk about rapists I will often use a masculine pronoun.

If you wish to widen the scope in some way whether it is male victims or female offenders or something else, don't complain about what I'm not talking about, expand the conversation by taking the issues I raise as a starting point for a post or posts on your blog.

Links to me are welcome and require no prior permission even if you plan to disagree with what I've written.

Please sponsor my participation in the blogathon with a small or large donation to help raise money for the organization Stop It Now!

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At July 28, 2007 8:44 AM, Anonymous Andrew Odlum said...


Good morning. My name is Andrew and I am going to be your monitor for Blogathon this year. I will be with you during the entire event. I might not reply every 30 minutes but I will certainly be a presence here.

I look forward to reading through your posts. Welcome to Blogathon :)



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