Sunday, July 29, 2007

Coercion Part 2: Putting The Squeeze On Alleged Victims

With the recent exonerations of men convicted of murder and/or rape and the frequent discussions about false confessions of guilt, it's surprising that many people still assume that all retractions by alleged victims are accurate.

The pressure to press charges against those who report rape but who don't have whatever the local police consider to be credible evidence is increasing. Some people have even suggested that alleged rape victims who are viewed as deliberate liars should receive the same punishment as their alleged rapist would get if convicted.

Those who fight rape are being pressured to go along to prove that they don't support false reports of rape.

This has nothing to do with a desire for true justice. This is about scaring most victims away from reporting. Those who deny this can do their little song and dance, but the intention is reflected in the outcome of this desired change.

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