Thursday, July 05, 2007

Complaints Over Rape Investigation Against South Wales Police Upheld

The rape victim in this case in South Wales hasn't seen his rapist captured, but he has seen some of his complaints taken seriously about the way his case was handled.

The problems this man encountered when he became a rape victim are still far too common.

The person who circulated an unfounded and nasty rumor about him which authorities believe led to this man's rape was located, but the police told the victim that the spreading of rumors were a civil matter and not a criminal matter so he was on his own there. He was told this even though the man's rapist was seen talking on a cell phone shortly before the rape.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) made recommendations which hopefully will make more than a surface difference to the way rape cases are handled.

I'm sure a big issue is money. It could be tempting to give rape cases which may be seen as hard to prosecute less time, less resources and less care than would be given to other types of assaults which have higher prosecution rates. But doing so helps keep the prosecution rate so low.

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