Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cry Rape: The Mythology

If we believed all those who rant on about women who lie about rape and who cry rape all the time, we'd have to assume most women are evil. Certainly we'd have to assume that women are on the whole more evil than men.

It's interesting how we are supposed to accept this negative opinion about women yet we are not supposed to assume that those who want us to think this way hate women.

Such an interesting paradox. Especially when compared to what these people say about those who support the right of alleged victims to be treated with respect and to be called liars only when there is credible evidence that their claim is in fact a deliberate lie.

Ah, yes, that selective demand for credible evidence and the frequent statement that if there is no credible evidence then the person is innocent.

If it's good enough for men accused of rape, it's good enough for alleged rape victims.

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