Monday, July 02, 2007

Defense Attorney: Stroke Victim Only Imagined 2 Rapes

This case tries to exploit the practice of telling rape victims that they are crazy and that their perceptions cannot be trusted.

The 32-year-old mother's life was changed after she had the stroke last year. But her life was shattered after a nursing assistant allegedly repeatedly raped her in Kindred Hospital in Seattle. Unable to move or talk, she couldn't defend herself - until now.

The defense attorney is alleging that the woman's medications caused her to hallucinate being raped twice by the same man. That explanation is suspect even before learning of the defendant's history which isn't admissible in this trial.

The defendant was twice charged with rape (1 acquittal, 1 dismissal) and was once fired from another medical facility for inappropriate behavior with patients.

Update: The jury was unable to reach a verdict. No word yet on whether the defendant will be retried.

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