Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Ethical Treatment of Rape Survivors And Alleged Victims

That I even have to post advocating for the ethical treatment of rape survivors and alleged victims should tell us how often these people are treated unethically. There will be those who deny this, but these people are often the very people who treat survivors unethically and/or support this sort of behavior in others.

So often you can recognize these people when they begin with something like, "Of course real rape is horrific, but ..." or "I don't mean to diminish the pain real rape victims feel, but ..."

This unethical treatment is a key contributor to rapists feeling they are no different from the general public. Some rapists aren't nearly as verbally abusive as those who later attack their victims.

From what I've seen posted on the Internet about rape survivors and alleged rape victims, I bet many rapists consider themselves to be much nicer than the general public.

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