Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ex-Gopher Felon Linked to Rape Case

This story raises important issues.

WCCO-TV uncovered the role of a former player, Robert McField, named only as "R.M." in the criminal complaint. He is the one who brought the victim and her friend to his apartment in University Village, and court documents claim it was McField who gave the victim eight shot glasses of straight vodka. However, the question is why was McField still living in University housing? The month before the party, he had pleaded guilty to two felony counts of armed robbery in Missouri.

So many times when there are rape allegations against people at a party such as in this case involving University of Minnesota football players, alcohol isn't a passive element. The pushing of alcohol on others, especially on girls and women, puts the subject of that pushing at risk of rape and it also puts that person at risk of alcohol poisoning which can lead to death.

This pushing also puts other men at that party at risk of assuming that the women present aren't more intoxicated than the men are. This is why a lack of protests or a lack of "No" cannot be viewed as consent. If you guess or rely on the judgment of those around you, it is your legal responsibility if you or those around you are wrong. You took the action, you must pay the price if that action is criminal. And, yes, you may also be impaired, but there is a huge difference between committing a crime while impaired and being the victim of a crime while impaired.

If you are convicted of a sex crime, others who deliberately contributed to your actions may watch what happens to you from a safe distance. Too many people ignore these people who deliberately push alcohol on others and instead focus only on scolding those who have alcohol pushed on them in the name of personal responsibility.

That's a dangerous mistake.

The mistake is in refusing to see the malice or disregard for others that underlies what is usually packaged as a friendly gesture. "Drink up and have a good time!"

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