Saturday, July 14, 2007

Gang Rape: Just a Youthful Mistake?

In a rape case in Baltimore the judge threw out the 40 year sentence in the plea deal and imposed a life sentence to the man who along with 3 others raped his girlfriend's daughter in 1993 when he was around 24 years old and his victim was 16.

Four assailants entered her room while her head was covered by an article of clothing — one said “shut up or I’ll kill you” — and two raped her, according to charging documents.

The victim said she believed the person who spoke to her and raped her sounded like her mother’s boyfriend, [Thomas] Carroll, [...] Carroll’s friends and family told the judge that he has reformed from his youthful days of crime and should be granted leniency.

The problem with this request for leniency and the man's request for forgiveness is that they absolutely minimize the severity of this crime and want to turn injustice (not being charged and convicted soon after the crime) into a reason for a lighter sentence.

This reasoning isn't unique to these people, I see it far too often from people who claim to be 100% against all rapes.

The biggest problem with this reasoning is that those who are considering rape need to know that escaping justice for a few years, as most rapists do, won't guarantee escaping justice period. Unfortunately, in some states including Washington state, where I was raped, would-be rapists know that they only have fear being caught for a limited time. Then they are legally free and clear.

I believe that's just flat-out wrong. If potential rapists know that their actions can come back at any time to hurt them maybe they will think a little more before hurting others.

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