Friday, July 13, 2007

Man Lied About Being Raped

When defending the "women lie about rape" mantra I've seen people claim that no man would ever lie about being raped because of the stigma attached to that label. They want all men to be believed without question and want all women to be disbelieved until there is undeniable proof of rape. A handy position to hold when they also claim that we can never know the truth when the alleged rapist claims, "It was consensual."

This story from the UK highlights a case where there is evidence, rather than lack of evidence, to support the claim that a man lied when he said he was raped.

[Daniel] Schwan, who has a previous record for similar offending and was given an 18 month jail term for another false rape claim last year, pleaded guilty to wasting police time.

Like the cases where women have made false rape claims, this man's actions don't represent the actions of an entire gender and they don't say anything about the honesty of other men who report being raped.

It doesn't change the logic of: when someone reports being raped, investigate that report competently and without bias. To do anything less is to give rapists a road map for success.

Further, just because this man has made false claims doesn't make him magically immune to being raped. So if he makes the claim again, that claim needs to be investigated or we might as well put a sign around his neck that says, "Rape me and get away with it."

For those who smile at the idea of someone being labeled like this, you've become an advocate for rape. There can be no excuses for rape, not false reports, not provocative clothing or behavior, nothing.

I encourage everyone who is tired of the "women lie about rape" mantra to post about this case so that those who repeat this mantra will see that they are propagating a lie and so those who don't know how to respond to this claim will have a case which disproves their lie.

The intent isn't to humiliate this man who may have serious personal issues. The intent is to shut down the anti-woman, pro-rapist propaganda or to at least label it for what it really is.

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