Thursday, July 12, 2007

Missouri Governer Signs Safe At Home Bill

This bill which helps victims of sex crimes and domestic abuse crimes takes effect on Aug. 28th and prevents police in Missouri from requiring those who report rape from being required to take a lie-detector test before a criminal investigation begins. Kudos to the legislators who voted for this bill and kudos to Gov. Matt Blunt for signing the bill.

The lie-detector requirement is more than insulting and offensive to victims when it is used, it impedes justice by scaring victims away and either officially or unofficially labeling many real victims as proven liars.

The bill also includes other important features including making the names of domestic violence and sexual violence victims private on court documents and giving victims of these crimes a way to not reveal their true address on official documents so abusers and stalkers will have a harder time finding their victims.

Child pornography victims will also be able to sue their abusers before they reach the age of 31 or within three years after the injury is discovered, whichever is later.

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At July 13, 2007 9:46 AM, Blogger Brian Carnell said...

Are there actually police departments that would require an alleged victim to take a polygraph (these things are *not* lie detectors) before investigating a sexual assault claim? Do they also require the alleged victim to meet with a psychic?


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