Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Motherlode For Survivor Shame

The keys to making rape survivors feel ashamed are isolation, an over emphasis on virginal purity and pushing self-blame onto victims.

The backlash against those who disclose reinforces the isolation victims feel. So many times in so many ways rape survivors are told to shut up and sit down. I for one am done with that.

When purity is exalted yet "good" boys and men are excused for trying take that purity away and their lack of virginal purity doesn't taint them, something is seriously wrong.

Since rape is a choice, modesty is not a form of rape prevention. At best when used as rape prevention it's like wearing a T-shirt that says "rape her, she's asking for it."

That's rape diversion and it raises the white flag to rape and to rapists.

Because the victim's choices are not the root cause of rape the shame associated with rape should cling to rapists not to their victims.

Whenever people attempt to push the shame onto victims or survivors, we need to push it right back. We don't own it, we should stop being sent the bill.

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