Saturday, July 28, 2007

No Rape Victim Left Behind

While I spend most of my effort on sexual violence committed by boys and men against girls and women since that is what I experienced and because that is what happens most often and what is often seen as acceptable ("Hah, date rape is nothing more than morning after regret") I want to mention that sexual violence is always unacceptable.

Nobody deserves rape. Not those who rape. Not those who make excuses for rapists. Not those who are seen as asking to be raped.

I think of sexual violence as an epidemic that must be fought the same way public health officials fought polio. If anyone gets polio it puts all of us at greater risk. The only difference is that with sexual violence is that people pass on this affliction through their choices. Sexual violence is a disease of the mind and of the heart. It isn't a disease of the sex organs.

Sometimes those carrying dangerous diseases must be locked up, but that is the least effective solution. More effective is for those who have rape-friendly thought patterns be inoculated by exposure to thought patterns which make rape a non-option even if the person has the opportunity to commit the "perfect" sex crime.

Every act of sexual violence eats away at the mind and heart of the person who commits that act of violence. The poison hurts others, but it leaches through the fingertips of the person inflicting that poison.

The best way to not leave any rape victim behind is to work to prevent all forms of sexual violence and to not have any victim or alleged victim where people say, "Who cares if that vile creature is raped?"

We should all care. If we don't then part of the problem is within us because we are letting the disease spread and diseases rarely limit themselves to those who seem to deserve a little more suffering.

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