Saturday, July 28, 2007

Personal Power vs. Collective Power

This is a concept that in other areas people understand. Credit unions give people collective power and through that collective power there are personal benefits such as lower interest rates on loans or higher interest rates on investments.

When it comes to sexual violence, we as individuals do have power. We can choose to be non-violent. We can choose not to associate with those who hold beliefs we think are dangerous. We can also choose to misuse our personal power.

The same is true for collective power. This power can make a positive difference or it can allow harmful behavior to proceed unchecked.

As individuals we can influence many areas of collective power. We can support organizations which do what we can't on an individual level but wish we could. We can withdraw our support from organizations which do or support what we would never do or support as individuals.

Those who harm others or support the harming of others aren't afraid to act. We need to be as proactive and as vocal as those people and those groups.

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