Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pity The Repentant Rapist

It's interesting how often people who have no patience for those who have been hurt by rapists they know will demand that rape and abuse victims quickly forgive rapists and abusers when those people respond to exposure by quickly finding repentance.

If you do not truly understand the scope of the violation another person has experienced, you have no business urging victims to have pity on their victimizers by either forgiving them or not filing criminal charges or dropping charges that have been made.

Repentance isn't true repentance when there is a self-serving payoff involved. True repentance means being willing to shoulder the full consequences of the wrong or wrongs that have been committed without the hope that someone, such as the person hurt, will ride to the rescue. True repentance is seeing the wrong in all it's ugliness and making the commitment to do whatever it takes to never commit that wrong again and to do what you can to atone for past wrongs.

Those who are impatient with so-called unforgiving victims need to seek repentance for their own attitudes and behaviors which protect rapists and which contribute to the harm done to rape victims.

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