Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Power of Hope In The Face Of Harsh Reality

Hope is easy when everything is going great and nothing is going wrong around you. But real hope is seeing the worst people can do to others and still having hope.

Not pie in the sky hope, but really gritty hope that doesn't ignore a single ugly reality.

This type of hope isn't easy and it isn't without risk or pain. People attack it from a variety of angles and for a variety of reasons. If they are that small then that is their problem.

Sometimes realistic hope means shaking people off or exposing what they are doing which harms others. Sometimes it means finding some way, any way, to endure the roughest patches.

Sometimes realistic hope means temporarily blocking the danger from your vision so you can keep moving slowly and carefully until you are on more solid ground.

Realistic hope means finding reasons to laugh with pure joy. Realistic hope means celebrating the small steps which when combined with many other small steps makes a great journey.

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