Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rape By Any Other Name Is Just As Bitter

When people give rape a victimless name they are showing their approval for certain types of rapes.

Drunk sex sends the message that raping someone who is drunk (or who the rapist claims is drunk) harms nobody but the rapist if and when he gets caught.

Surprise sex sends the message that striking before the intended rape victim has a chance to say no harms nobody and that this practice should be legal.

Opportunistic sex sends the message that raping someone who is asleep or unconscious harms nobody when in reality the rapist has committed a physical crime and robbed that person of the ability to relax in sleep.

Semi-consensual sex sends the message that rapists can target as victims people who they know don't want to have sex with them -- even strangers -- and if the person does anything that could be mistaken for consent, like comply to the rapist's demands, then they are being falsely accused if they are caught.

Misunderstanding related to consent sends the message that unless the rape victim shoots you, that person has not expressed their non-consent clearly enough.

Not a real rape sends the message that rape is fine and dandy as long as the rapist doesn't violate some ick-factor or doesn't pick the wrong victim or the rapist isn't considered scum. Raping a 91 year old women is real rape. Raping your 15 year old girlfriend is not real rape -- unless you are an illegal immigrant then it is real rape.

Rape prevention does not mean simply preventing the use of that word to describe sexual violence. Rape prevention means preventing all forms of sexual violence no matter how sweet the name that's been assigned to the act.

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