Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rape Denial: She's Contractually Obligated

This rape denial is interesting in that it lumps wives in with prostitutes. For many people there is a belief that she can never say no and if she does say no and gets raped, she is asking for it.

It's also interesting that when wives and prostitutes (whether they take on this role willingly or not) are raped and murdered by a husband or a John respectively, many people shrug or don't even notice unless the wife is pregnant and nearly full term. Then it seems like everyone in the nation is suddenly horrified.

Where or where did this kind of violence come from? they ask.

Then they get another shock when they learn that murder is either the leading cause of death during pregnancy or one of the leading causes.

I can't remember hearing about any murders where the victim is described as a prostitute and where it's been revealed that the girl or woman was pregnant. I don't know if it's never happened or if pregnancy doesn't have the same meaning when the victim is viewed in this manner.

I don't care what legal agreements have been signed or whether money has changed hands, rape is still wrong. We cannot afford to have it be otherwise.

If anyone you know says who cares if a prostitute is murdered. Be very careful of your safety because that is someone who views some individuals as expendable and you may not know who else is on their list until it is too late.

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