Monday, July 16, 2007

Rape Investigations Still Have A Long Way To Go

A Hornell Evening Tribune article by Jen Carpenter reveals the problems Nicole Quiroz had with the Hornell, NY police response to her report of rape while she was asleep or unconscious and how working with an investigator who gave off a clear vibe of disbelief added unneeded pain to a woman doing everything she could to ensure that her case was actually being investigated.

Three months after she got a rape kit done, she was fingerprinted which I find disturbing as it could have been used to try to intimidate her into going away. It took almost 2 years for the sheets she was told to bring in were actually tested. The DNA found on those sheets resulted in a match to a man, who when questioned initially, denied any sexual contact but when informed of the DNA match changed his story to say that they did have sex but it was consensual.

The man has been caught in a proven lie (something many men would have you believe never happens), but no charges have been filed in the case and Nicole Quiroz doesn't seem to expect any charges to ever be filed.

Ignorance and disrespect are always going to be with us to some extent, but it doesn't have to be with us among those who have sworn to enforce the law. Yet even with cases like this one coming to light, people continue to say things like the often repeated phrase, "One of the most startling aspects of sex crimes is how many go unreported."

It's only startling if you don't know how many rape victims and rape survivors are treated when they do report. This is inexcusable when there is so much knowledge out there which could transform the way rape victims and rape survivors are treated without hurting any defendant's rights.

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