Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rapists The Next Generation -- Daddy's Little Girl

I've been focusing on the most common type of rape which is committed by a boy or a man against a girl or a woman, but since rape isn't biological, committing rape/sexual assault isn't something only men do.

When it comes to teaching children to respect other people's physical and sexual boundaries we definitely need to include girls. Respect isn't gender specific and neither is disrespect.

Victim blaming doesn't just come from men and boys, it comes from girls and women. To stop this enablement of rape we need to have everyone understand what true personal responsibility means.

If girls are faced with a dangerous situation either as witnesses or as potential accomplices or if they are tempted to prove they are powerful by abusing someone else sexually, they need to have some help knowing what options there are that reduce the risk to themselves and to others.

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