Sunday, July 29, 2007

Stopping Pro-Rapist Spin

Sometimes it seems like the more advances those who want to prevent sexual violence make, the more strident the opposing voices are. Of course those who are against the anti-rape people don't call themselves pro-rapist.

That doesn't sell, not even to rapists who mostly don't like that label.

Calling themselves opponents of false accusations, radicals and liberal elites is much more popular since they allow these people to position themselves as completely reasonable people who only want the world to be fair for everyone including men who are getting a bum rap.

One way to detect these people is to look at what cases they focus on and what cases they ignore. If they claim to be for defendant rights do they ignore defendants in cases where everyone recognizes that the alleged victim is a real victim? Do they ignore defendants who few people sympathize with even without the rape accusation?

Once you see behind the spin you can better evaluate the details of what they are trying to market or what they oppose.

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