Sunday, July 29, 2007

Strong, Effective Laws And Law Enforcement Benefits All Who Are Innocent

So many times it can seem like those who truly want to protect defendant's legal rights and those who truly want to protect rape victims by seeing rapists prosecuted want mutually exclusive items.

I don't believe this is true or that it has to be true.

Effective investigations are better for crime victims and they are better for those falsely accused and they are better for those who fear being falsely accused. Effective evidence collection and storage benefits both victims and innocent defendants.

Effective investigations provide people with more confidence in the criminal justice system and helps make our communities safer.

Effective prevention efforts help reduce the number of interactions where one person thinks what they did was acceptable while the other person was harmed.

There are wonderful possibilities for positive change. We just have to keep those possibilities in sight when people seem intent on doing everything they can to keep the worst of the status quo going strong no matter who it hurts.

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