Saturday, July 28, 2007

Swiftboating Rape Survivors And Alleged Victims

Smear campaigns are not limited to politics and while political smear campaigns may ruin a good candidate's chances of being elected, this practice that so many people view as business as usual can do much greater damage when it is directed at rape survivors.

The swiftboaters likely justify their post-crime attacks in the same way that sexual abusers and rapists justify their crimes. The victim deserves to be humiliated and the attacker deserves to be viewed as a hero for the cause.

Many of the men's rights groups seem like their main purpose is to swiftboat women who speak out against violence against women. From these people we get the "women lie about rape" mantra which ignores all the rapists who are lying when they say they are innocent and deliberately overstates the percentage of false rape reports.

This swiftboating is evident whenever people try to shut an investigation down before it starts.

Ironically, swiftboating undermines the credibility of those who are falsely accused and it undermines the trust people have that the legal system will get it right when a defendant has the charges dropped or a jury finds the defendant not guilty.

This means that the swiftboaters have a direct hand in the ruining of lives when innocent people are charged with a sex crime.

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At July 28, 2007 3:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even when the blame isn't directly placed on the woman, it is put in the passive voice.. "One in three women will be raped," which does not acknowledge that SOMEONE rapes them. I think our society places too much emphasis on the women, and not enough emphasis that there is a person, an aggressor, who rapes.


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