Saturday, July 28, 2007

Try, Try, Try Again Not Always

So often in so many areas persistance is a wonderful habit. It helps us master the alphabet. It helps us learn to ride a bike or drive a car. It gets us through difficult classes. It gets us through periods of unemployment.

But when it comes to relationships there can be a fine line between persistance and harassment, stalking and relationship violence.

The key mistake is treating another human being like an object to be mastered. A bike might not care how many times you crash it, but human beings care when they walk out of their work place and see you waiting, determined to make the relationship work.

When people are doing everything they can think of to learn how to golf, we can understand them flinging the clubs to the ground or into the nearest water hazard. But frustration is no excuse for throwing someone you want in your life around.

These acts are not only wrong, they often destroy what the person doing them wants to achieve. As I learned as a child when my pet beagle got loose, she'd keep running as long as I chased her. Only when I stopped running frantically would she stop running away and come trotting home. To her the chasing was a fun game, but it taught me important lessons.

One, it's important to understand the situation from others perspectives. Two, it's important to respect others for who or what they are. Three, sometimes stubborn persistance is just stupid.

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