Friday, July 06, 2007

Woman Jailed After Reporting Rape Went To Court To Learn About Investigation

There's an update on the woman jailed after reporting a rape in Tampa during the Gasparilla parade in January and who was denied EC while in jail.

She recently went to court to gain access to the Tampa police case files because she believes her case is no longer being investigated properly and because she believes forensic evidence has been mishandled. From statements investigators have made and questions they've asked, she believes that the police are assuming there was no rape.

The judge agreed that she should be able to pursue gaining the evidence in her case. It's still to be determined whether she or her attorney will be given the information they are asking for.

I believe she should be given access to all of the records related to her case and related to her incarceration. If the police screwed up this case they likely screwed up many other rape cases.

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