Friday, August 10, 2007

Break Up Rape So Common We Don't Have The Jail Cells To Hold All The Rapists?

On the It's All Politics forum CAllenDoudna wrote about a case where he was on the jury and said this to explain his earlier comment about convicting a man accused of rape on a technicality:

Now they were breaking up and just this once she didn't consent. There's not enough prison cells in the country to house the number of men who have done that. We don't have enough courtrooms to hear the number of cases like that.
With an attitude like this it is no surprise that the jury, or at least this member of the jury, wanted to find the man not guilty. The conviction resulted from the mere "technicality" that the prosecution had enough evidence to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt.

That's guilty though the technicality of guilt. What a miscarriage of justice.

It's so interesting to find someone who while defending a man accused and convicted of rape, states that there aren't enough prison cells to hold all the men who will end a relationship with rape.

If we use this man's logic from this case in other types of criminal cases then after a man closes his bank account because the bank charged him too many fees, it isn't a real crime if he robs the bank or writes a bad check as an act of revenge. And it isn't a crime if someone who has been permanently expelled from school vandalizes the school or physically assaults those deemed responsible for the expulsion.

Thankfully, this excuse was challeged on the forum and I thank everyone who called this rape what it was -- real rape.

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