Thursday, August 16, 2007

Holly: Caring Blogger Award Recipient

I announced the Caring Blogger Award meme yesterday, and today I want to kick it off by featuring Holly of Holly's Fight To Stop Violence who is a rape survivor as my first tag, but I'm not handing this award out simply because Holly survived a terrible crime.

The reason I'm selecting Holly is her caring which led to changes in the criminal justice system in Canada for all rape victims and in some cases for all crime victims as she fought to bring her rapist to justice. Her currect focus is getting a national sexual violence/abuse hotline for Canada.

This hotline has the potential to help so many people, it's almost unimaginable. Thanks, Holly and keep on caring.

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Here are the guidelines for this meme (please include in all posts related to this meme):

1. You don't have to wait to get tagged to join in.

2. Write a post with links to 1 or more blogs written or co-written by a blogger who makes you care. (up to 5 per post) Tell us what the blogger makes you care about and why this blogger is effective at getting you to care. If there are more than 5 blogs you read that deserve this award or you want to focus on one blog at a time, wait a while then give out more awards.

3. Link to this post so that people can easily find the origin and the purpose of the meme.

4. Optional: Once you are tagged you may display the ‘Caring Blogger Award’ logo.

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At August 17, 2007 1:04 PM, Blogger Holly said...

Thank you Marcella,
You are a wonderful role model. The National Hotline is a needed in CANADA. I will personally look forward to the day it is made possible in Canada. It can help with bringing resources to those who have been silenced in this country. I am truly honoured to be a caring blogger.
To all the bloggers you all have inspired me personally with my journey. Take care Holly


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