Friday, August 24, 2007

Is Telling Your Spouse That You Were A Crime Victim For Women Only?

This story is about a woman who recanted her rape allegations because the police matched the DNA from her "rape" to a Missouri inmate she knows.

Armand Villasana spent 21 months in jail because his accuser lied to cover an extramarital affair, Greene County Prosecutor Darrell Moore announced at a 1 p.m. press conference. [...] The two [the woman and the man whose DNA was found during exam] had sex the night of the reported attack, he said. When she returned home and her husband asked her where she'd been, "She told him she had been kidnapped and raped." The woman, who Moore would not name, confessed to lying earlier this month when confronted with the DNA evidence.

Some people will use this case to characterize all women who report being raped, but won't use this case to characterize all people who report being the victim of a crime as a cover for behavior they want to hide.

For them there is no possibility that a man who comes home from gambling can decide to lie to his wife and say a young black man carjacked him and hid in the SUV as he withdrew all that money he subsequently lost at the casino. For them there is no possibility that an innocent man could go to prison -- and possibly still be there -- for a crime that never happened because a husband decided to lie and then stick to his lie no matter who got hurt.

Nope, wrongful convictions are only possible when the women lie or when the prosecutors decide to frame an innocent man.

Update (8/24): The woman who made the false accusation, Judith Ann Lummis, has had her probation on an unrelated conviction revoked by a judge. No matter what is contained in her personal history it was right for her allegation to be investigated, but it was wrong for the prosecutors not to wait for the DNA results.

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