Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Lawsuit Settlement In Works After True Rape Allegations Ignored

So often when people talk about injustice related to the handling of rape allegations, they talk as if the only source of this injustice is accepting false allegations as if they were true. However, I believe the injustice which happens most often is the injustice of assuming the allegations are false when they are in fact true.

This second injustice is one that many of those who focus on the first injustice rarely acknowledge and when they do acknowledge it, they do so only in passing.

When any of those people say, "women and girls lie" they aren't calling for a thorough and professional investigation that will see if there is credible evidence supporting the allegation using the best practices, they are calling for the investigation to shut down or to switch to an investigation with the alleged victim as the suspect. A red flag that indicates support for this type of injustice are statements like, "I know women like this one, they'll say anything to get attention."

The allegations made to Florida's Department of Children and Families came from the victim's sister, but the allegations were assumed to be false and the sister who reported the sexual abuse was moved to another foster home while the victim remained with her foster father, the man allegedly committing the sexual abuse.

The girl was left with this man until it was discovered that she was 4 months pregnant.

Cases like this one often get bungled because of the strong beliefs so many people have that girls -- especially those labeled as troubled -- lie and that a full investigation is a waste of time and money.

The $1.3 million settlement of the lawsuit brought by the guardians of the victim hopefully will communicate that all injustices are wrong and that all those who are negligent should be held responsible.

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