Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Man Charged With Sexual Abuse of 2 Year Old In Daycare

And we get another example of why all the talk about girls contributing to their own assaults is clearly nonsense. In this case, a 2-year-old girl was sexually abused by a 24-year-old man, Matthew Arvid Smith, in Mora, Minnesota who reportedly described himself as a pedophile during an interview with an investigator.

His wife who operated the daycare reportedly confronted her husband about suspicious behavior and at that time he denied doing anything wrong. The story doesn't say who contacted the police, but I suspect it was his wife. I applaud her for not rationalizing away the facts of what she saw and sensed.

Unfortunately, many people who understand instantly that this girl didn't ask for it, seem to lose all their brain cells and rationalize away the facts of a crime when the victim is 12 or 22.

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At August 21, 2007 4:15 PM, Anonymous iwantmorethansurvival said...

I too am very pleased this paedophile's wife did not just go into denial like so often happens.

I do find it very strange people who will say child abuse/molestation is 'sick' and then when the person is a bit older they are apparantly somehow responsible for the abuse. I read about a 15 year old girl in my country and she was out very late at night and possibly drunk - she was raped, and people started commenting that she was 'asking for it' and a 'sl**' even. These are people who apparantly think abusing very young children is bad!

Sometimes I wonder if people just say that hurting very young children is bad because it's what they are 'supposed' to say and as soon as they hear of someone being a certain age or 'behaving in a certain way' they jump at the chance to point the finger of blame at the actual victim because they really support rapists and abusers. I also think there are grown men out there who actually rape women and think nothing of it, but when it comes to paedophilia etc - that is just filthy according to them. It's a disconnect. Seems to occur a lot in society nowadays.

At December 04, 2007 8:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When deputies arrived at his home in Mora, Minn. he allegedly told them, "I'm a pedophile, I had a girl touch my penis and I need to go to jail."

I went to the same school as this sick bastard. I hope he finds out what abuse feels like in prison. I suppose he'll probably like it though.


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