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Presumption Of Innocence Only Needed In Rape Cases?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Is Telling Your Spouse That You Were A Crime Victi...":

You don't get it. It isn't about whether or not men fabricate criminal accusations.

Feminazis like yourself and Wendy Murphy for example argue that no woman ever falsely accuses a man or rape, that when a woman accuses a man of rape, the presumption of innocence should not apply.

This case, the [redacted] hoax, the [redacted] hoax, the [redacted] hoax are all cases in which a woman falsely accused men of rape. False accusations of rape occur with enough frequency that the accused must be afforded the presumption of innocence.

Judging from the state of denial you are in regarding the Duke Case, I doubt you will publish this comment. At least you wil have to read it.

This comment shows a very narrow support for presumption of innocence. He says he opposes false accusations then he proves himself to be a liar by making several false accusations including his use of "feminazi" which turns me into someone who supports genicide. Typical.

My bringing up the issue that men can falsely claim to be crime victims and then contribute to false convictions and false imprisonment is something that makes him furious. We aren't supposed to think about that as it disrupts the "women lie about being crime victims" mantra. "People lie about being crime victims" just doesn't have the same impact.

I suspect that in rape cases he twists "presumption of innocence" into "presumption that the alleged rape victim has committed a crime by reporting rape." This distorted presumption of innocence is meant to put as many barriers between rape victims and justice as they can get away with.

The idea of these same barriers being erected between all crime victims and justice is understandably horrifying.


Another Anonymous piped in with another false allegation against me and more faulty logic:

Marcella, Marcella, Marcella. You should have followed the advice of whoever said it is better to have kept your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to have opened it and remove all doubt. [I've been given this advice but of course it never applies to me.]

The issue is, again, not that men will fabricate false charges of a crime. [Don't disrupt my women-bashing by reminding me that men do this also. I'm not listening.] The issue is, you and others like you claim that women do not falsely accuse men of rape, that a woman's accusation of rape must be accepted at face value, that a man accused of rape must be judged guilty until proven innocent.

Women like [redacted] have falsely accused men of rape. There have been enough false allegations of rape made by women against men that a man accused of rape must be presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. [I reserve the right to not presume all those charged with a crime to be innocent until proven guilty.] Otherwise, a lot of innocent men end up in prison. Please explain how punishing the innocent will solve the problem of sexual violence against women. [Please explain how my twisting of your position into a position you don't hold will solve the problem of sexual violence against women. Can't do it, can you? Aren't I clever?]

Judith Ann Lummis, according to your post, cheated on her husband and then tried to cover that up by falsely accusing her lover of rape. She sound like a vicious sociopath to me. How does her psycho-pathology indicate that men fabricate stories of crimes?

This last question raises a good point that this anonymous likely didn't mean to raise. How does one person's psycho-pathology indicate that other people, women or men, fabricate stories of crimes? Here's the warped logic: She's a woman. She lied about being raped. Women must be assumed to be lying about being raped.

If her actions reflect on all other women simply because of her gender then the actions of male rapists must reflect on all other men. Using his logic he must believe this: He's a man. He raped. Men must be assumed to be rapists. But he only uses this logic when it gives him the result he wants.

When he says I believe, "a woman's accusation of rape must be accepted at face value, that a man accused of rape must be judged guilty until proven innocent" what he's attacking is my belief that all accusations of rape must be taken seriously and investigated fully no matter how nice the alleged criminal seems to be and no matter what people think of the alleged victim.

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At September 01, 2007 2:56 PM, Blogger Patricia Singleton said...

Marcella, read my article called "What Other People Think About You Is None Of Your Business" on my blog at I wrote it about thinking about a negative email that I recently received about my blog.


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