Monday, August 20, 2007

Respiratory Therapist Sentenced For Molesting Young Patients

For all those who say anything less than a Rambo like response from rape victims enables rapists, I hope this case wakes you up and shakes you out of that harmful way of thinking.

I'm not sure a sentence of 45 years is enough in a case like this one.

Wayne Albert Bleyle had pleaded guilty to molesting five disabled children and taking pornographic photographs of others. Prosecutors said he targeted patients who were comatose, brain-damaged or too disabled to talk.

He allegedly told investigators he molested as many as half the children he treated in 10 years working in the convalescent ward at Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego.

In case you missed what this man admitted, almost every other child he treated in the last decade he found a way to sexually molest.

The problem is not in the children he molested, the problem is in him and it is in eveyone who excuses any rape or any act of sexual violation. The problem is in anyone who views general assumptions about someone's character as a substitute for a thorough investigation.

This case highlights why we can't rely on stereotypes about sex offenders and why we can't prevent rape by demanding that all potential victims avoid all potential rapists.

This case also highlights why any level of victim blaming gets it so wrong. There can be no excuses for any rape or any sexual abuse or any sexual exploitation.

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