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Support Law To Create Consensual Sex Registry

With all the confusion so many boys and men claim to have over consent and how girls and women are said to suffer from morning-after regret and with the recent proposals to limit abortions and with questions lawmakers ask about how to ensure laws which give rape victims emergency contraceptives won't also give these drugs to non-rape victims, this is a law and a national registry that is needed immediately.

No, this is a law that was needed the day DNA evidence could successfully be collected and analyzed from rape victims. We've already wasted too long, we can't afford to let another year go by without this desperately needed legislative reform.

With this registry everyone who is contemplating having sex must submit an initial DNA sample so every man can be notified if or when he has gotten someone pregnant and so all rapists can be identified through their DNA and so all abandoned babies can be identified. Anyone who doesn't register and who has sex anyway will be considered an USO (Unidentified Sexual Object).

Before a consensual sex act, each party involved must separately call in to the national automated consensual sex registry line with their name, the time, date, location, estimated duration and the social security number of the other person or persons. If the sex will possibly leave bruises or other marks which might indicate assault, those must be listed individually. If there will be an authorized recording of the sexual contact that must be specified in advance with all relevant limitations spelled out explicitly. If this is sex without the intention of pregnancy then the birth control method must be specified. The caller would have to report on current sexual health, either with "completely disease free," "unknown" or "infected."

The first party would either get a response that the sexual contact has been denied or is pending the other party's call.

A voice recognition system would eliminate sexual identity theft. To ensure there is no impairment a random question would be asked by the automated system and the consent would be registered only if the correct answer is given by all involved parties. If the system gets insufficient or incorrect information or determines that a statutory rape law forbids this sexual interaction then a buzzer would sound so all parties know that consent has been denied.

Denials could be challenged by all parties going to the local police station to prove sufficient sobriety, to prove lack of coercion and to prove that no statutory restrictions apply.

Consent would have to be renewed by all parties at least every 72 hours or it will expire. Consent may be revoked at will by any party by calling the registry which would then make an automated call to the other party or parties with the automated consent withdrawal ringtone.

Once this consensual-sex registry law is passed and the registry is up and running then every state in the union could pass an amended version of the law being proposed in Ohio that would require the biological father to give written permission for an abortion unless the women reported being raped to the police.

The Ohio bill as written encourages women to accuse men of rape. If all rapes were reported, that would endanger our economy from the reduced worker productivity to the increased jail population.

With this new consensual-sex registry, an amended abortion consent law would require abortion providers and ob-gyn's to search to see who the pregnant girl or woman has had consensual sex with since one month before the estimated date of conception.

If there are no matches then an immediate criminal investigation would begin and an arrest warrant would be issued at the earliest possible moment for the biological father, either by name if he is in the registry or by DNA.

If there is one or more consensual sex registry matches then a paternity test would be done at the earliest possible date.

Any biological father who is not registered as having consensual sex with the biological mother at the estimated time of conception will be charged with non-consensual sex in the first degree -- a felony -- and will lose all parental rights. He will also be required to pay restitution if convicted in an amount which covers all expenses related to the pregnancy up to and including college.

There would be 5 classes of sex crimes. Non-consensual sex. Sexual-related physical assaults (unauthorized rough sex). Unauthorized recording or distribution of a sexual event. Unsafe sex. Sexual perjury.

If the biological father is listed in the consensual-sex registry, with the needed entry around the estimated time of conception, and he wants to deny the abortion, he may put a temporary hold on it.

The system would then check his IRS records to see if he is financially able to provide for the unborn child. If he is not, his parental rights will be revoked. If he is financially able to provide for the unborn child and he is not married to the mother, the parental support payments would automatically be taken from his wages beginning immediately since life begins at conception.

These new laws that I am proposing are the only way to ensure that innocent men are protected from false rape convictions since this system would allow them to prove that legal consent was indeed given.

There would be some taxpayer expense involved, but since these laws are pro-life, the cost -- no matter how high -- will be worth every penny.

Contact your state and national representatives now and demand that they support a consensual-sex registry.

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At August 03, 2007 1:53 PM, Blogger Holly said...

Very interesting concept...

At December 15, 2007 9:03 AM, Blogger Marcella Chester said...

I see that some people don't recognize satire, and with some of the extreme, but real, proposals being made to protect men from false rape allegations (and which also protects men from most true rape allegations) and from some of the anti-EC birth control proposals, maybe my method to help "prove" when sex is consensual -- when someone reports that it is not -- seems to be not that far beyond what those people wish to see encoded in law. The difference is that those proposals begin with the assumption that every girl or woman who claims to be a rape victim is a liar and they don't focus on reaching or approaching 100% accuracy.

I wonder if any proposal, no matter how ironic, which clearly and accurately separates consensual and legal sexual contact from non-consensual or illegal makes some people very grumpy.

At January 06, 2008 12:52 PM, Blogger chris said...

I think this should be implemented.
I'm not being ironic.


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