Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blog Against Abuse Day

I just saw about this awareness effort which makes Sept. 27th (today) Blog Against Abuse Day.

From the Imaginif post:

Child sexual assault - the scourge of modern society and one of the greatest social problems of our times. Today is Blog against Abuse day and a day Imaginif encourages others to give a blog about ending child sexual abuse. Imaginif there was a world without child sexual abuse.

So often if people can't imagine this goal becoming a reality they feel powerless when they are not. I'm reminded of a public service ad encouraging people to recycle where they had a lone man saying something like, "It's only one newspaper." Then they add another person saying this and another until it is a symphany of people saying the same thing.

That highlighted the cumulative power of one. Each of us doing something small is massive. Yet we quickly forget this. That means events like Blog Against Abuse Day are important reminders.

Something we can all strive for is to model non-abusive behavior. Children who are being abused may assume that disrespect for them and their bodies is normal. If they see adults respecting the boundaries of others in non-sexual ways where they are used to seeing disrespect that can make a lasting impression.

We can also model how to respond to abusive behavior. If adults seem helpless and powerless in the face of public abuse, abused children may assume that abusers are all powerful.

We can also support systems and organizations that help parents who are at risk. During the Blogathon I supported Stop It Now! which has a national hotline.

Some communities have crisis nurseries that help stressed out parents. These places benefit greatly from donations and qualified volunteers.

Do something. Joining me in today's Blog Against Abuse Day is a start.

Link to me and let me know what you do. I want to cheer every small action.

Update: You may be able to help identify a young girl (4-5 years old) who is the victim of child rape and who may still be in extreme danger. Go to CNN for more information and to see the girl's picture.

Update (9/28): From the AP:

Chester Arthur Stiles, 34, was being called a "person of interest" in the search for a girl with haunting eyes who authorities believe was 4 or 5 years old when she was raped and sexually assaulted in the video, Nye County Sheriff Tony DeMeo said. The girl is called "Madison" on the tape, and it is "possible" that the man shown in it is Stiles, DeMeo said.


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At September 29, 2007 6:39 PM, Anonymous Megan over at Imaginif said...

I'm cheering with you Marcella. I agree that it is every small action that needs the encouragement, the recognition, the nurturing and resilience building.

A symphany of people singing out to stop child sexual assault starts with the single warm up strands of solo instruments.

We are each those instruments and we have each practiced and tuned ourselves - it is time for the symphany to begin.


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