Monday, September 10, 2007

Man Cries Rape To Cover An Affair

In the UK a married businessman accused a woman of drugging and then raping him when the sex was fully consensual. One of the logistical issues raised in the story about this case is that the man is about a foot taller than the woman and much heavier than her.

When six police officers arrived at her home to arrest her in front of her seven-year-old son, she told them that the man's allegation that she had spiked his drinks with a date-rape drug before forcing him into sex was ludicrous. [...]

Ms Hutchison, a part-time carer for the elderly, was cleared when the man, a married building company owner who cannot be named for legal reasons, dropped the allegations.

Yet she has received no apology or explanation from him about why, when their brief affair turned sour, he chose to take such a devastating course of action.

I wonder if the police mistakenly assumed that because the person making the allegation was a man that there was zero possibility he was lying and zero possibility that his actions came from willing consumption of alcohol or drugs.

It's interesting that the police arrested her immediately rather than running toxicology tests on the man and investigating his claims before arresting the woman. I would be surprised if they would have rushed the case this way if a woman correctly reported a drug-facilitated rape. Likely, because of stereotypes they would assume the woman was lying or had blacked out after binge drinking.

This case reeks of sloppiness, something women who report rape often deal with.

Those who rant on about women who "cry rape" to hide an affair such as those I blogged about in my post, Presumption of innocence only needed in rape cases?, may have a hard time integrating this case into their thinking. Likely they will dismiss it as a fluke while absolutely refusing to do the same when it is a woman who makes a false rape report.

Women in the UK who have been labeled as crying raped have been charged with a crime and sent to jail. Because of that this man should be charged with a crime. If he is not charged, that again makes it look like the police have a stark double standard based on gender which supports men who rape and supports men who pretend to be rape victims.

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At September 10, 2007 9:32 AM, Anonymous DJ said...

I don't know the UK laws but in my opinion making a false report is a crime.


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