Monday, September 24, 2007

Man Sentenced to 421 Years Not Just Like A Predator

This case is so obviously horrific that many people don't realize that Vinson Filyaw's deceptive approach isn't as rare as they wish to believe. Because he was caught during the crime, we understand that he is a predator and he understood that he couldn't successfully deceive a jury. But would the girl have been considered credible if she escaped without the help of the police?

Without the rescue how many people would take the girl's wild tale as absolute truth? What if she couldn't lead police to the bunker where she was held?

“Like a predator, I waited on one lonely stray to walk by,” prosecutor Barney Giese read from Filyaw’s manuscript. “My adrenaline was rushing. My plan was to try to arrest the girl quietly, rather than grabbing her and carrying her.”

While she was held, the girl gained Filyaw’s trust, and he said he gave her his cell phone to play games. She used the phone to send a text message to her mother that led rescuers to the bunker.
Part of the reason we quickly accept that this crime was planned and truly horrific is that he selected a girl who didn't know him, but many predators work not just to fool their intended victim but law enforcement and the public as well.

Some of them succeed like the man charged with holding 2 teenage girls in a bunker under his house and leaving them there to die. The jury either believed the man that the girls fully consented or they were confused enough that they felt they had to come back with a not-guilty verdict.

If we dismiss the evidence of certain predatory crimes because the predators thought about how to undermine the credibility of their victims, we are giving predators the power they crave.

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At September 25, 2007 8:47 AM, Anonymous Kali said...

It is a total mystery to me how that jury in the underground bunker case could have come up with the non-guilty verdict. Either they are so cold-blooded that they don't care what this man has done to those girls, or they are so stupid that they were duped by the predator into believing that his victims wanted the torture he subjected them to. Or it's probably a combination of the two - they didn't care enough so they didn't think deeply enough to reject his claims.


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