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Massacre of Innocence: Birth Of Hyperbole

I saw the first part of the headline, Massacre of Innocence, used to describe the view of the Duke case put forth in a recent book with a hyperbolic name of, Until Proven Innocent by Stuart Taylor Jr. and K.C. Johnson, and if I didn't know better I'd think the topic at hand would be a small child who had been brutally murdered.

Apparently, some things are worse than death.

This deluge of hyperbole was set off by a book review in WSJ written by Abigail Thernstrom which unintentionally makes it clear that the authors of this book suffer from a terrible case of tunnel vision.

From the hyperbole that is being used now, it's clear that those using this hyperbole don't in fact have any problem with a "juicy, made-for-the-media story of race, class and sex [...] told and retold for months with a ferocious, moralistic intensity."

They just want that story to be biased in a way that leaves them smiling.

Apparently, neither Ms. Thernstrom nor the authors ever saw anyone attack the alleged victim in this case and they never saw anyone attack those who demanded a full investigation with a "ferocious moralistic intensity" long before the DNA test results came back and long before the initial hoax theory was proven to be false and it was proven that the 2 dancers didn't call the cops to report a gang rape.

If all this hyperbole were to be believed then only those who demanded a full investigation of the charges ever did or said anything over the top. Apparently, nobody every said the charges had to be a lie simply because the woman was a N***** and/or a W**** and/or a S*** dripping with ***. Nobody ever said we all know that women like that never tell the truth about men who hire them if those women cooperate with the police. And nobody ever cited crime statistics which "showed" that white men don't rape black women to support the conclusion that this was a premeditated hoax.

What is clearly impossible to these people is that other people supported the criminal investigation because they wanted to get to the truth and if a crime was committed, they wanted the guilty to be found guilty. Nope, this isn't even a possibility. Those who wanted the case investigated had to have wanted to see innocent white men vilified and thrown in prison for the rest of their lives. That's their story and they're sticking to it.

Other related hyperbole that's circulating through parts of the blogosphere includes:

"Politically correct biases" which refer to people, especially those in the media, supporting a full investigation of the woman's allegations despite the fact that she was a black stripper. Apparently, free speech is a bad thing and needs to be eliminated ASAP. All speech should be approved by the politically incorrect police.

"Elite culture" which refers to people with any sort of power who didn't instantly view the Duke players as helpless victims. Women who report rape don't deserve to be elevated above "women who lie about rape" until the trial ends in a guilty verdict and all appeals have been completed. The good "counter-elite culture" is allowed to repeatedly call for the destruction of the lives of all those deemed to be in the elite culture.

"Liberal logic" which refers to the opposition to rabid attacks against alleged rape victims based on the general opinion of women like that *****. This would mean that "conservative logic" is rabid opposition to letting "those" people accuse anyone else of a crime. Don't we understand anything? Those people are the perpetrators, never the victims.

"Indifference to the truth" which refers to those who didn't instantly side with those who saw red over the idea that a 'ho could report a rape against someone who hired her and actually see charges filed. Don't they listen to those who know the truth and who inform us that you can't rape women like that, these women no longer have the rights of a full human being. They have become nothing more than merchandise to be used or destroyed at will.

"Fundamental injustice" which refers to men who were cleared of all charges before a single criminal trial and who have received financial compensation for their pain and suffering from Duke University and whose lawyers are working to receive more. There can be nothing more unjust than what happened to the Duke lacrosse players, certainly not what happens to innocent black men given the death penalty.

The bottom line in all of this hyperbole takes me back to the title of the book, Until Proven Innocent, which perfectly describes the attitudes of many people about the woman in this case and about the alleged victims in most rape cases.

Guilty until proven innocent.

As an anonymous commenter said on April 12, 2006: "False accusers need to be held accountable. Including the real perp - her pimp." He and many others have no problem saying she's guilty of illegal prostitution and more crimes until she's proven innocent. But that's okay since in this case she wasn't charged with any crime. False and unfounded accusations are not only acceptable, they are encouraged.

As long as they aren't made against college sportsmen charged with rape.

If we believed all this hyperbole then anyone who sees this or other cases in a different light than the authors of this book deserve to have their words or actions labeled with the hyperbolic title of a book by Ann Coulter.


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At September 07, 2007 10:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You use the word "hyperbole" quite a bit. You don't like white men, do you?

At September 07, 2007 10:41 PM, Blogger Marcella Chester said...

Anonymous, being against hyperbole doesn't make me against white men. In case you haven't noticed not all white men are full of it.


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