Friday, October 26, 2007

Another Case That Contradicts Stock Rape Prevention Advice

This sexual assault demonstrates that those who urge women to restrict their movements to "safe" places to avoid rape are creating false boundaries between safe and unsafe places. They are substituting victim blaming for effective prevention measures.

Any place can be the scene of a rape.

A Jacksonville man [Gerall Bernard Smalls] was arrested Monday after DNA testing results linked him to the reported rape more than a year ago of a 31-year-old female patient at the Ten Broeck Hospital, police said.

This case and all the other rapes that happen in medical facilities demonstrate that the underlying problem is not in where women go or don't go. The underlying problem is with those who want to take what they want irregardless of ethics or laws. This man wasn't someone who just wandered off the street to attack a patient, he was an employee of the hospital.

Recently a 91-year-old man was arrested for attempted rape. He was a patient in a nursing home when he attacked his nurse. He tried to kick the investigating officer and reportedly is in the habit of getting violent when he doesn't get his way. Old age doesn't automatically make a person safe.

Places with higher incidences of rape should tell us that those places have been turned into havens for rapists who want to get away with their crimes. Merely telling women to avoid those places does nothing productive.

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