Thursday, October 25, 2007

Attempting Rape Equals Attempting Suicide?

From KCCI comes a defense that may have serious ramifications if it is successful.

Defense attorney Trever Hook said while Miller and Brucker were having an intimate encounter, Brucker tried to force himself on Miller. Hook said his client was armed, Brucker knew it, and that Brucker had a death wish.

"Jamie Brucker wanted to die, he forced Eric Miller to shoot him that night. It was a suicide by rape," Hook said.

If Eric Miller is acquitted then all men and boys who try to force themselves on girls or women they know should understand that they can be shot with lethal intent and not be victims of any crime, not even murder.

With the number of rape attempts each year, there may be an epidemic of suicides by rape. After all, girls and women who couldn't evade rape are routinely scolded for not doing more to prevent rape. If prevention is our job alone, then a permanent solution should be applauded, right? And not just against potential stranger rapists.

Rape is popularly presented as the consequences of bad decisions while not being raped is presented as the consequence of good decisions. Shooting and killing anyone who makes us believe we are about to be raped would certainly stop the rape attempt. That would, by the logic of the victim blamers, make it a good decision.

And good decisions are to be rewarded, right?

In this particular case, the varying stories about why the victim was shot make it doubtful that this defense matches the true motivation for this shooting. However, after the jury deadlocked on the murder charges related to the death of Eastern Michigan University student Laura Dickenson, who knows what the outcome of this case will be.

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At November 02, 2007 8:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i understand that this is moderated. i could not find an email link on your blog. i do not expect this to be posted.

i knew jamey brucker and was quite appaled by eric millers defense.

in his testomony, eric miller said he "willingly allowed jamey to preform oral sex on him as he [miller]held the loaded gun to his [jamey's] head". now who willingly preforms oral sex while a gun is pointed at their head??

to serveral of us who knew jamey, it sounded more like miller forced jamey then shot him in the head. that theory was never presented in court because i doubt they could prove that jamey was raped.

thank god the jury didnt buy the "suicide by rape" defense.

as i said before, i dont expect this to get posted. i just wanted to let you know the outcome.


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