Sunday, October 14, 2007

Christian Clown's Alter Ego Busted: Vacation Video Was Child Porn

For some people this case might confirm negative stereotypes of Christian's but for me it doesn't do this. What it does is bust the myth that everything and everyone labeled Christian is better than everything and everyone not labeled Christian. That attitude that one belief system makes all those who hold that belief morally superior is arrogant and is contradicted in the story of the Good Samaritan.

A former minister and cop who entertains kids as a "Christian clown" called Klutzo is under arrest on charges of traveling to the Philippines to have sex with kids and bringing back a camera full of child porn.

Cops busted Paul Carlock, 57, at his Springfield, Ill., home Tuesday after a four-month investigation sparked by immigration and homeland security officers.

Christianity certainly doesn't have a monopoly on the contrast between members' public image/beliefs and their private images/beliefs. Many dangerous people find facades useful and comforting and some of those people misuse the idea of Christian forgiveness in order to give themselves an emotional pardon after each crime.

In one study of convicted sex offenders, the researchers found that those who maintained religious involvement from childhood to adulthood had more sexual offense convictions, more victims, and younger victims, than other groups.

Some of this difference may be that many of the lower level sex offenders who maintained religious involvement either were never charged or beat the charges through a character defense which glorified the defendant while smearing the victim.

What the study results show clearly is that religious involvement can coexist with the committing of horrific crimes. We forget this at great risk.

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