Monday, October 29, 2007

Family Research Institute Give Christians A Bad Name

Christian News Wire story with the headline Homosexuals Account for 29 Percent of Rape and Murder of Kids:

29% of the 714 perpetrators who made the news for raping and killing children from 1980-2005 engaged in homosexuality. 600 (66%) of the 914 kids raped and murdered children were girls. Perpetrators were male 96% of the time. The 209 homosexual perpetrators accounted for 40% of the victims – 9% of the girls and 99% of the boys.

This sort of press release reminds me of the stuff I see from the white supremacists about crimes committed by non-whites. Their agenda is simple: find any way to demonize all members of the group they identify as the "horrid them." Then use this agenda-driven data as the official justification for the agenda.

This focus on homosexuality trivializes the crimes committed by those who don't fit their focus. It turns 71% of the 714 perpetrators who made the news for raping and killing children into inherently better people.

Since 99% of the boys are listed as victims of homosexual perpetrators (men with homosexuality assumed based on the crime) this press release also tells me that the rape and murder of boys is more tragic to the Family Research Institute than the rape and murder of girls.

They make it clear that they want to stop homosexual rapist/murderers. Yet the 91% of girls who are raped and murdered by heterosexual men, according to their statistics, are barely worth mentioning. I find that repugnant.

This data in no way, shape or form proves that if you are heterosexual you are less sinful or less dangerous than those who are homosexual. Yet that is clearly the message this press release wants people to receive.

The number of so-called intelligent people who blame every crime committed by someone identified as homosexual on homosexuality, but who reject this same sort of causal relationship when it heterosexuals who commit a crime is amazing.

It is worth noting that this data isn't based on actual crimes committed, but is instead based on stories in Lexis-Nexis about the raping and killing of children. I'm left wondering why they choose not to use official crime statistics.

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