Friday, October 19, 2007

Feminists Do It Humanely And Demand The Same In Return

So often when people refer to "being good at sex" they really mean "being good at getting the sexual contact they want" and who is better at this than a sexual predator who doesn't let the law or someone else's boundaries get in the way. It should be no surprise however that predators get negative or lackluster responses when they aren't actively manipulating someone. Nowhere on their success metric is the opinion of the person they targetted.

Whenever I see a man ask, "Do feminists still believe that all sex equals rape?" I wonder if he asks that question because all the sex he's had is predatory. When predators compare their sexual activity to what feminists view as disrespectful, immoral, abusive or criminal there would likely be a complete match.

When this happens, the problem of course must be with the feminists.

When their victims report them to the police and are deemed credible, these people's supporters are quick to claim that the sexual contact was regrettable or that the alleged rapist is clearly a jerk. They will even say that girls and women confuse bad sex with rape. By their defense of those who are accused of rape it is clear that deliberate "bad sex" is normal sex -- something that feminism rejects.

Feminists on the whole have a very low tolerance for disrespectfulness from men. Men who get rejected or called on their disrespectfulness often -- shock -- hurl insults or labels they consider negative at feminists in revenge for this treatment. Some of these men will even call feminists irrational while blowing an emotional gasket.

With all of that, the findings of a study done by Laurie Rudman and Julie Phelan from Rutgers University weren't a surprise. To me, at least. In their sample they found that feminism is generally related positively to the quality of heterosexual relationships and that the common revenge statements made about feminists don't hold up.

That slurs mouthed by bitter men could be seen as common wisdom is what amazes me. "You reject me and my beliefs. You must be a lesbian." has nothing to do with logic or reason and everything to do with fragile egos and arrogance.

hat tip: Feministe

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